An admin has control over the entire team account, including the ability to:

  • Remove teammates
  • Make other teammates admins or team managers
  • Revoke other teammates admin or team manager privileges
  • Change team settings
  • Delete the team
  • Modify billing settings
  • Upgrade or downgrade the current plan

Team Manager

A team manager has the ability to manage teammates and team settings, limited to being able to:

  • Remove teammates
  • Change team settings

All teammates have the ability to invite new members.

How many admins or team managers can I have?

On Free plans, you can only have one team admin. Typically, this will be the first person who signed up for Spacetime on your team.

On Small Team plans, you can set up to two team admins or managers, allowing multiple members of your organization to add and remove teammates.

On Large Team plans, you can have as many team admins or managers as you would like.

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